Over the years, G.D. CATERER has left a remarkable impact in the heart of its customer through its finest Catering. G.D. CATERER was established by Mr. Gopal Sharma in year. With his dedication, sincerity and inborn ability to please his clients has taken G.D. CATERER to new heights.

Our staff’s planning and service made our goodwill and leave impression as delicious and memorable. G.D. CATERER works on the requirements of customers and also we take care of their taste as per business, schedules, budgets and suggest them for cuisines etc. Food should be healthy, not to compromise on health.

We care for our clients health and thus, never use any ingredients that can cause an adverse health affect.GD caterer make more than 500 items comprising of Juice,Mocktails,Starters, Bittings, Soups,Chaat,Salads,North Indian(Punjabi),south indian , Raajasthani ,Chinese, Gujarati,Sweets, Deserts,Snacks, ,Muglai ,Etc.All theses food items are prepared as per our own traditional customs and procedures.